Feb 232011

One of the most important aspects of custom framing is selecting the matting.  Our design professionals are expert in helping you make that selection.  Picking the right color is so important to the finished look.  You should also consider texture and width dimensions but color is the place to start.

We’re  here to help and we always make sure to take the time needed to work with you and get the best results.

The right colored mat can make your picture pop, bringing out the flattering tones and hues. The wrong colored mat can make your photo look washed out, discolored or bland. With a little forethought, you can select a mat that will complement your picture for a stunning display.

Decide the look you want to give your picture with its mat. If you want your art to have a more formal appearance, consider using black, white, or jewel tones such as burgundy or royal blue. To give it a more fun, whimsical appearance, consider using bright colors such as hot pink, lemon yellow or lime green. For an earthy, natural look, stick with neutral hues such as browns, leafy greens or creamy whites. For a soft, romantic look, pastels such as sky blue, lavender and mint green work well.  Consider the room where you will be displaying the matted art as well.

Choose a selection of mat colors from the color group that achieves the look you want.  Select colors that complement or contrast well with the predominant color in the art and keep the frame in mind as well.  Neutral colored frames, or frames made of woods and metals generally will work well with any color mat.

Lay the mats on your picture, one color at a time. Examine the picture for the tones and hues that the mat brings out. Notice how placing the photo on different colors in turn makes it look completely different. For example, a blue mat might bring out the blue eyes of a person in a close-up portrait, while a red mat might make some blotchy discolorations of that person’s skin look more prominent. Select a mat that makes the colors in the picture look natural and flattering.  Choose the color mat that looks best with your picture and coordinates with your frame.